A major component in the mission of the Columbus Sports Foundation is to provide funding for sports throughout our community. Funding would be available for participants of any age and for any sports activity within Columbus, Nebraska. This would include not only sports activities held at our own complex, but also activities held at sports facilities and locations elsewhere in town. Our goal is to encourage participation in such activities to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

Some sports also require protective equipment to safely participate, and our foundation may also assist with the purchase of such equipment. We may help local programs purchase equipment that is borrowed to league participants for the duration of the season, or possibly even to allow those new to the sport to try it out before deciding to purchase their own gear. Our foundation could provide this assistance through direct funds, purchasing new equipment, or taking in equipment donations from the community to pass along to those in need.

There may also exist a need for repairs or replacements to equipment elsewhere in our community, including local parks, schools, churches, or other sports facilities. Our foundation will always be looking at ways to improve the sports experience throughout the Columbus community.

We plan to construct a new sports complex in Columbus which will not only help us offer new sports programs, but expand opportunities for others that already exist. Proceeds from that operation will help us establish and maintain our charitable giving goals each year. To learn more about our planned sports complex, please visit this article.

Below are a few additional notes about our charitable giving efforts:

A major component of our mission is to provide funding for sports in Columbus. This will be accomplished by establishing a scholarship fund through revenue generated at our sports complex, donations from the community, and other support from the general public. These funds will benefit local sports organizations, schools, churches, and other sports facilities.

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The Columbus Sports Foundation does not want anyone to not participate in sports simply because they can not afford to do so. With everyday costs always on the rise, less money may be available for extracurricular activities such as sports. Our foundation plans to offer assistance funding to help those in need cover the costs of participating in sports throughout Columbus.

These funds would be available for participation in any sport at any facility in Columbus. Our goal is to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to participate regardless of ability to pay. Certain criteria will need to be met to qualify for assistance and avoid misuse of the available funds.
Whenever possible, some funds may be available to assist with the purchase of the protective equipment needed to participate in a sport. While this could be a voucher towards the purchase of equipment to be kept by the participant, we may also look to help organizations purchase gear that can be loaned out to new participants so that they can try out the sport before having to invest their own money into the required equipment.
We will also provide funding to refresh, update, upgrade, or replace aging equipment at city parks, schools, churches, or other sports facilities. This could be as simple as a fresh coat of paint all the way up to a full replacement of the equipment. Or, perhaps there is a need for a new piece of equipment where funds aren't yet available. If such a need exists, our foundation could assist.
Overall, the goal of the Columbus Sports Foundation is to provide funding for participation in sports and for the equipment necessary to do so. These funds will be available to any sports program in our community, even those held at other facilities. A primary source of these funds will come from our sports complex and donations and support from our community. To learn more about our proposed sports complex, click here.